Sports Psychiatry

“I’ve grown up in my sport with the impression I was meant to be a superhero. You’re supposed to be able to handle things. You are in high pressure situations so you are convinced you should be able to handle those situations yourself, so it is hard to get help, it is admitting you have a weakness” Natasha Danvers, athlete (Mind)

Sports Psychiatry is still a relatively new field, as we begin to understand the psychological pressures and stresses that sportsmen and women are under  in their everyday lives. Although the brain in not a muscle, it behaves as a muscle and can be trained cognitively to perform it’s best. However, if the psychological side of things is ignored, it can end up affecting performance at the most crucial moments.

Dr. Zak has taken increasing interest in Sports Psychiatry and has immensely enjoyed seeing the fast results that a series of psychiatric consultations can have on the performance of sportsmen. Each case is unique – just as each person is unique – yet sportspeople do have the determination and motivation to train themselves and therefore improvement can come much quicker than usual.

If you are a sportsman or woman, looking for some psychiatric support, you contact Dr. Zak here.