Can healthy eating impact mental health?

Prevention is better than cure. While some mental disorders require chemical intervention, you can look after your own mental health with various strategies: meditation, relaxation and – what interests me most recently – healthy eating. Research is beginning to show that simply adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet can impact mental health and reduce the likelihood of illnesses such as depression.

You can read more on how healthy eating impacts mental health in this article.

Why Antabuse Implants don’t always work (as in the case of George Best)

It is a mistaken belief that Antabuse implants are infallible. The implants are fitted under the skin and disulfiram blocks the oxidisation of alcohol by the body, which results in toxins being released into the system when a person drinks alcohol, causing a range of unpleasant reactions. However, the individual effects vary from one person to the next.

Many people who have Antabuse implants fitted experiment with alcohol to see what their physical reaction is going to be, just as George Best did. Out of hundreds of Antabuse implants that I have personally fitted, I have found that about half of the patients experiment.

I was contacted by The Guardian on various occasions to explain how this worked in the case of George best. You can read those Guardian articles and more of my opinions on Antabuse Implants here:

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